Photo Shoot, Luxe Style!

This spring I had the unique and very special opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional fashion photographer Lucyna Danuta Bakowska. Her work is not only beautiful, but her ability to capture the vibrancy of the gowns and details of the hair and make-up are nothing short of stunning. All of the gowns and accessories you see in these photos are straight from our boutique and the models were an absolute dream to work with. We have participated in styled shoots in the past but the energy and chilled out vibe from Uta and the models was so much fun; the time just flew by. What an absolute treat it was for me to be a part of this shoot! The hair and make-up team are also local professionals; and ladies, if you’re lucky enough to book any of these ridiculously talented women for your wedding day, you can rest easy knowing you will look your best, breathtaking self.


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Spendy Photographer

In this business we are frequently asked for recommendations on local talent; whether it be flowers, decorations, or even photography. We find that brides have many different ideas swooshing around in their heads as the planning unfolds but one thing we cannot argue with, is finding a high quality, professional photographer with an excellent reputation. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate the uncle or the best friend who has a great camera and a keen eye; but for your wedding we beg of you,  please hire a pro. If not, you may get shots like these:

06-bad-wedding-photo-gallery-b Jessica_Vance__Winfield__WV_fullNicole_Kennedy__Perth-Andover__New_Brunswick__CA_full

10 Week Wedding Challenge

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself on the quest for the perfect work out regime, or diet scheme. I even have some crazy pills hiding in the medicine cabinet that promise to make me …ahem…lose fat. (Don’t ask, and I wont tell..). Needless to say, we all know this stuff doesn’t work…but if you’re like me, you love a pretty package and hey, if it’s sold at the pharmacy, it must work!

I am a fairly active person, I run and I am a hot yoga junkie, but I still wasn’t feeling “great”. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until late last year, one of my friends suggested I try going to a “Greco” class. I admit, I was curious; after all, I had spent many hours/years on the treadmill and attempted various classes at the ladies gym but nothing was sticking and certainly none of it was fun. But I was intimidated..Greco? Isn’t that for people who are in amazing shape? Will I have to remortgage my house to join this..Greco? I had so many questions! So I waited…I waited until October 2012 until I couldn’t take it anymore; I needed to do something. So I went to the Kanata South Greco location and I registered. I was terrified.

Fast forward…March 2013, three months after I finished my 10 Week Lean and Fit program at Greco Kanata and I am in the BEST shape of my life. I run faster, my arms look like they are 20 again, my tush is higher, my clothes fit better. Jeez Louise, I just may wear a legit two piece bathing suit this summer! WHAAAT?!

Now, as many of you know already, I am a bridal boutique owner and I LOVE my job. I get to work with the most lovely, charming and stylish women this side of the 613. As one of my girls was telling me she was working out and wanted to tone her arms for her strapless wedding gown…it hit me…I must talk to Kanata Greco and see if they would do something awesome for my girls and their bridal parties. Well ladies and gentlemen, they did!

You won’t have to remortgage your house and you don’t have to feel intimidated by this 10 Week program. The trainers and staff there are fantastic and make you feel like you actually know what you are doing (even when it’s clear you do not…yep, that was me!). If you go to class, work your tush off you will feel amazing in ten weeks. You will run, you will jump, you will burpee and you will love it. Not to mention…we have prizes! I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff?!

The beauty part is that not just our brides getting married this season are eligible for the 10 Week Challenge…but any Luxe clients, past, present and future are eligible. If you have been looking for a program to try with your partner, BFF or even your Mom; this is it.

Check it out!10 Week Wedding Challenge

Bridal Gown Alternatives to Strapless Styles

One of the most common questions we hear from brides here at Luxe Bridal is, “Do you have something that’s not strapless?” To answer that question plainly, “Yes we do!”

Over the past few seasons we have seen many trends in bridal and it’s refreshing to see that cap sleeves, key holes, boat necks and even sleeves are chic-er and more widely available than ever! Check out some of the styles we have ready to be fitted at Luxe.


Sample Sale Alert!

Well ladies, it’s that time of year again….Bridal Market! It’s time for us to clear out the bridal racks and make room for the new 2013 gowns. What does this mean? Unprecedented prices on designer bridal gowns. We thought it would be way more fun to do the sale with our dear friends at With Love Bridal Boutique. There really is no better way to offer the best dresses at the best prices than to combine our two boutiques into one for one day only.

Sample Sales can be a bit crazy, so we have some tips to help make the shopping more fun!

* Only three gowns can be taken into the fitting room at one time. Return a gown, you can bring another in. You will have 45 minutes available to you in the fitting room.

*Sample gowns require payment in full and must be taken on the same day. Dress bags will be provided. All sales are FINAL.

*This is a cash only sale. There will be ATM machines on site.

*We recommend the sample sale for brides who know what they are looking for and want it at a bargain price! This may not be the best time to determine which silhouette is the best for you! If it is your first time shopping for a gown, we highly recommend you make an appointment at the boutique for the one on one attention that you deserve.

*Remember ladies, sample gown sizes vary by designer. Most samples will be sizes 8, 10 & 12. It is possible to have a gown altered to a smaller size.

See you on Saturday!

Wedding Planner 411

Now that the summer wedding season is slowly creeping up, we can always sense the shift from a formerly excited, newly engaged bride to an anxious, budget waning ball of stress. Not to worry ladies; we decided it was high time to toot the horns of one of our biz besties, Shannon Kennedy, Principal Planner and owner of Kennedy Events.
Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing a few of Shannon’s most helpful and fun blog entries to help you decipher the Wedding Planning ABC’s. So ladies, forget your decoder ring at home and leave it to the professional!
Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Designer
Chances are once you got engaged you quickly realized that there is an entire vocabulary or language of wedding-speak. I often hear couples confuse and interchange the terms wedding designer, planner, and coordinator— understandably so. A planner is almost always a coordinator, but a coordinator is not always a planner. A planner can be a designer as well, but a designer is not always a planner or a coordinator. And some, are all three. Have I thoroughly confused you?

Although most wedding professionals are a combination of the three, each have specific duties when it comes to what wedding services they provide. Here are the differences between the them:

A wedding designer is responsible for the overall visual aesthetic of the wedding. Designers think in terms of the big picture. They generate the wedding design and decor concept and how that concept will be threaded through each visual element. Often they will work in conjunction with florists, lighting technicians, and photographers to create the look and feel of the event.

A wedding planner is a responsible for planning the logistical elements that bring your wedding vision to life and is involved from the very beginning of the planning process. Depending on the level of service they are commissioned for, a wedding planner will assist with budget creation and management, venue selection, vendor referrals, wedding day timeline, seating arrangements, and so on. They can also act as a trusted advisor on everything wedding related and a shoulder to lean on. A wedding planner will also coordinate the day as well, since they are highly involved with the planning.

A wedding coordinator is not deeply involved with planning the wedding. Their primary duty is to be there on the day and ensure that it runs smoothly and according to plan. You often hear them referred to as day-of-coordinators. Many jump in a month before the wedding to finalize the last minute details, confirm vendor obligations, create a timeline, and oversee the set-up of the décor. Many wedding planners offer wedding coordination serves to their clients as part of their service package. But be aware that wedding coordinators/day-of-coordinators are very different from venue coordinators. 

A venue coordinators or event manager is hired by the venue to ensure your wedding follows the rules and regulations of the space. They may help with your timeline but more often than not they will not help you with set-up or troubleshooting. Most importantly, a venue coordinator works for the venue; their job is to answer your questions about the venue and assist you with your venue layout. They are someone you may contact if you need extra reassurance about the details of your wedding venue, however, their loyalty is to the venue. Their job does not include all the other details that go into planning your wedding.

Wedding coordinators and venue coordinators work side-by-side one another to make sure everyone flows smoothly. But if you want someone who will cue your bridal party, bustle your dress, or set-up décor, I suggest hiring a wedding coordinator not associated with your venue. When thinking about hiring a wedding designer, planner, and coordinator it’s important to understand what your needs and desires are and which potential companies provide the type of services you want. Happy Planning!


You can contact Shannon directly at



Sparkle & Shine

You’ve got the guy, set the date & found the dress and now you find yourself scrambling all over our little city to complete your look. Not to worry ladies! We have some am-ah-zing accessories from two of our favorites in the biz and they will be arriving at the boutique next month!

We have a sneak preview of gorgeous bracelets and earrings created by Haute Bride already at the boutique ready to find a new home! Not to mention, sparkly swarovski crystals & rhinestones will be dripping all over Luxe on May 24th – 27th for the Haute Bride Trunk Show. Please keep in mind, this event is by appointment so don’t miss out on your chance to view the collection of stunning pieces that you will cherish for a lifetime.

So, now that we’ve covered jewels, we cant forget about your locks! Ladies, hold on to your hats as we introduce Blair Nadeau Millinery as a must have for your wedding day.

A Canadian girl, Blair creates her pieces in Toronto, ON and has a spectacular eye for detail and uses only the finest materials in her pieces. Not to mention, she is one rad chic. Look for some of Blair’s beautiful pieces on the shelves at Luxe this Spring.


Cheoreographed Beiber? I do!

We always hear about fancy schmancy celeb weddings on twitter, facebook, blogs and even on CNN. Everything from the tv primetime Kardashian affair (then the split), or Beyonce’s secret nuptials. 2million dollar engagement rings and $100,000 wedding gowns. I imagine the guest list to include the likes of Donald Trump, PDiddy and even Justin Beiber. I do wonder…with the paparazzi and the helicopters flying overhead…does anyone have FUN at these over priced, elaborate affairs?

I dont know about Will and Kate, but it looks like the guests at this recent wedding had a blast and a good laugh.


Styled Shoot at the Ottawa Convention Centre

This spring we had the pleasure of meeting several wedding professionals right here in our little neighborhood through the ByWard Market Wedding Association which consists of a select group of like minded and very talented businesses who specialize in…well you guessed it…weddings!

It was here I met the very funny and talented Andrew Van Beek; a stellar photography professional who shares my enjoyment of Bridgehead beverages.

Somehow I managed to convince Andrew to do a series of stylized shoots featuring his above-mentioned stellar photography, our Luxe gowns and various other talented pros in our industry.

Here’s a glimpse of our first shoot at the Ottawa Convention Centre (huge thanks to Lianna!) featuring our gorgeous model Nisara wearing a knock out Pattis Bridal gown.

Another special thanks to Delilah Haggar of Esthetics & Makeup By Delilah, Kathy of Cut + Blo and More Flowers for their amazing contributions.